Consists of a new decorative way of semi-permeable barrier made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, or other material

A secure, Trendy look, Visibility and protective material used in various applications consisting of unique designs and colors

Mesh is used to separate and decorate Indoor and Outdoor Applications for Artistic and /or Safety use.

The colors are designed to offer special aesthetical effects making any project more valuable. The coatings applied are high resistant and non-toxic.

We offer many types of mesh designs for applications in architecture, satisfying most designers’ requirements. These innovative products can be used for cladding or false ceilings also to separate and decorate different indoor and outdoor applications for artistic, partitions, and safety use.


Offices, Shopping Centers & Cinemas, Public Buildings & Public Works, Restaurants., Facades, Cladding & False Ceiling, Fences Stairway, Embassies, Exhibitions, Sports Centers, and Banks.

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